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A Little History

Over the years, we have gotten millions (okay, maybe not millions, but a bunch) of calls from folks who needed a way to find out about what the cost would be for a concrete project. 

Wouldn’t it be cool if those people had a way to share their information with us, get an estimate, and be under no obligation to proceed unless they were ready?

We were determined to find a way to accomplish this.  After a lot of thought and discussion, we narrowed it down to CB Radios or the Internet.  Seemed to us that the Internet was a bit more cutting edge, and required none of those whacky car antennas.

After a bit of trial and error, we think we have indeed accomplished our objective.  Just click here and see for yourself.

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Client Testimonials

This company put in a double driveway for me. These folks do very good work at a reasonable price. I am a very hard person to please and to my delight they did a perfect job. BK is a person of great integrity and does exactly what he says with no surprises.
J.P. - Columbia, SC.
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